Assistant Professor

The goal of my lab is to understand microbially-mediated biogeochemical processes that help shape the natural world. On the geochemistry side, I am interested in phosphorus, reactive oxygen species, and metal nutrients such as iron. On the microbial side, I am interested in studying diverse groups, especially phytoplankton such as diatoms, dinoflagellates, and coccolithophores. My lab also develops and applies “functional proteomics” methods to identify enzymes that underpin biogeochemical transformations. We work in diverse ocean regions, including tropical seas and polar oceans. Some current projects include:

The role of reactive oxygen species in coral bleaching
Identifying the enzymes involved in the utilization of alternative phosphorus sources by marine phytoplankton
Characterizing enzymatic modes of extracellular superoxide production by diatoms

Curriculum Vitae:

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