You can find information about our graduate courses by following the links on this page, or by visiting the UGA Athena website.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship
Chemical and Biological Oceanography
Global Biogeochemical Cycles
Marine Science for Teachers
Teaching Internship in Marine Sciences
Quantitative Methods in Marine Science
Biological Oceanographic Processes
Chemical Oceanography
General Physical Oceanography
Climate, Oceans, and the Marine Biosphere
Estuarine and Coastal Oceanography
Marine Sediment Diagenesis
Seminar in Hydrobiology
Organic Geochemistry
Ocean Waves
Marine Ecology
Ocean Mixing Processes
Marine Ecological Genomics
Synthesis Skills in Marine Sciences
Topics in Coastal Marine Policy
Modeling Marine Systems
Modeling Marine Systems
Research Techniques
Advanced Topics in Marine Sciences
Doctoral Research
Doctoral Dissertation
Microbial Ecology