Business Manager III

Contact Info

211 Marine Sciences Bldg
Office Hours:
8:00 - 5:00

Staff responsibilities: 

*Hiring & supervision of Business/Administrative Office staff, & management of workloads

*Management & oversight of all accounting, personnel, and administrative functions for the department

*MRR /SRR requests, Summer School preplanning, lab fee requests, graduate assistantship rate requests

*Faculty funding change requests, cost-sharing, appointment packages, UGAJobs faculty position requests, posting requests, hiring proposals

*Approval of UGAJobs position & posting requests, hiring proposals, direct retros, access approvals

*HR/Personnel actions, reclassification requests, salary exception requests

*Departmental liaison for Franklin College, SPA, OVPR, HR, Bursar's Office, Graduate School, Faculty Affairs, Curriculum, & UGA Foundation