Featured Student: MARIA LETOURNEAU

Maria on a cruise in the SAB

I grew up in South Portland, Maine, a small coastal northern New England town five minutes from the ocean. Although I always hated the smell of fish, got seasick on boats, and never liked to swim in the ocean (it was way too cold), I somehow fell in love with marine science. My first taste of oceanography was my high school marine biology class, after that I knew I wanted to study the ocean. For my bachelors degree I attended the University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida.


Andy on a cruise in the Gulf

I am blessed to have two grandfathers who have taught me how to embrace life. Living on a beautiful lake, one grandfather taught me that life is like fishing - the more lines you have in the water, the more adventures you will enjoy. My other grandfather, a professor of biology, taught me at a young age to appreciate life in its ever-changing form. Just as fish change and grow from a tiny egg to an alevin, and then from fry to adult, humans have the capacity to greatly expand their minds through their life experiences.

New Faculty Position in the Department of Marine Sciences

The UGA Department of Marine Sciences in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences seeks to hire a coastal scientist who conducts research on population, community or ecosystem ecology. This is a full-time, 9-month, tenure track position at the Assistant or Associate Professor level that will start in August 2018. The candidate is expected to have a research focus on the ecology of coastal systems and to actively participate in the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems Long-Term Ecological Research (GCE-LTER) Project, which is based at the UGA Marine Institute on Sapelo Island.

Wade Sheldon Donates Piece for 2017 UGAMI Art Auction

Wade Sheldon is a Marine Scientist that has been with the department for many years. He also happens to have a passion for photography. In addition to his nature- centric works, he pursues a wide variety of subjects which can be found here. He has donated his skills before to non- profit groups and schools. Now, with this piece titled "Sapelo Island Twilight", he has contributed to the 2017 UGAMI art auction.

Chuck Hopkinson to Present Research on Plum Island Erosion at CERF

"CERF advances understanding and wise stewardship of estuarine and coastal ecosystems worldwide. 
Our mission is to promote research in estuarine and coastal ecosystems, support the education of scientists, decision-makers and the public, and facilitate communication among these groups." - Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation mission statement

Chuck Hopkinson is going to present his research at the 2017 CERF Conference. Here is a summary of his talk from the man himself:

Grand Prize Winner in the first Georgia Center Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Painted by our very own Cat Mills :)

Sapelo Island Morning, by Marine Science.

Sapelo Island is one of many locations where UGA Marine Sciences is at work, and is a fully preserved barrier island off the Ga coast. Its a magical place, perfect for research and study of our natural resources.

Special thanks goes to Alan Campbell (http://www.alancampbellstudios.com/) for the original artwork!


SHarrison defense

Sarah Harrison, a student in the Joye lab, successfully defended her thesis “LESSONS FROM THE TAYLOR ENERGY OIL SPILL: HISTORY, SEASONALITY, AND NUTRIENTS LIMITATION” on October 16, 2017. Her thesis features some of the first geochemical and biological measurements at the site and establishes surface waters of the Taylor Energy site as a seasonally dynamic environment with a robust and persistent hydrocarbon degrading microbial community. Congrats Sarah!


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