Article by UGA Marine Science Professors Adapted into The Environmental Science Journal for Teens

The Environmental Science Journal for Teens has published a new version of a previous paper in the journal PNAS on ocean chemistry and microbes that was authored by two faculty from the Marine Sciences Department, Mary Ann Moran and Aron Stubbins. The new version explains the science concepts at a level tailored to kids and teenagers. Click here to view the online, open access paper.

UGA Department of Marine Science Skidaway Institute scientists study microbial chemical warfare

Savannah, Ga. – In the battlefield of the microbial ocean, scientists have known for some time that certain bacteria can exude chemicals that kill single-cell marine plants, known as phytoplankton. However, the identification of these chemical compounds and the reason why bacteria are producing these lethal compounds has been challenging.

UGA Marine Science Skidaway Institute research paper selected for Research Spotlight

Savannah, Ga. – A research paper by University of Georgia, Department of Marine Sciences,  Associate Professor Aron Stubbins at Skidaway Institute of Oceanography   has been selected by the Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences to be featured as a Research Spotlight on the journal’s website and in the magazine Eos. Research Spotlights summarize the the best accepted articles for the Earth and space science community.


Tiny but all-consuming marine organism focus of UGA Skidaway Institute study

Doliolids are tiny marine animals rarely seen by humans outside a research setting, yet they are key players in the marine ecosystem, particularly in the ocean’s highly productive tropical and subtropical continental margins, such as Georgia’s continental shelf. University of Georgia Department of Marine Science Professor Marc Frischer at  Skidaway Institute of Oceanography is leading a team of researchers investigating doliolids’ role as a predator in the marine food web.



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