Assistant Professor
Marine Organic Geochemistry
160 Marine Sciences Bldg.
Office Phone:  (706) 542-6744
165/167 Marine Sciences Bldg.
Lab Phone: 
(706) 542-6798


Ph.D. 2006, Oregon State University (Environmental Sciences - Chemical Oceanography)

Research Emphasis:

Organic and isotope geochemistry. Sources, transport, alterations and fate of organic compounds in aquatic and atmospheric environments. Molecular characterization of marine/estuarine dissolved organic matter (DOM). Microbial- and photo-induced changes in DOM composition.

See complete list of publications here.


Medeiros Lab People:

  • Maria Letourneau (Ph.D. student; see link below)
  • V. Ruth Pannill (IDS undergraduate student)
  • Erin Malsbury (Undergraduate student)
  • Sylvia Schaefer (Research Associate)

Medeiros Lab Alumni:

  • Michael Seidel (Postdoc 2012-2015) - Now: Postdoc at ICBM, University of Oldenburg, Germany
  • Ding He (Postdoc 2014-2016) - Now: Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University, China
  • Lydia ('Meg') Babcock-Adams (M.S. student 2013-2016) - Now: Ph.D. student at MIT/WHOI Joint Program
  • Danielle Arnold (IDS undergraduate student 2012-2013)


Graduate Students: 

Patricia M. Medeiros's Selected Publications

Seidel M, Yager PL, Ward ND, Carpenter EJ, Gomes HR, Krusche AV, Richey JE, Dittmar T, Medeiros PM.  2015.  Molecular-level changes of dissolved organic matter along the Amazon River-to-ocean continuum. Marine Chemistry. 177:218-231.
Medeiros PM, Seidel M, Ward ND, Carpenter EJ, Gomes HR, Niggemann J, Krusche AV, Richey JE, Yager PL, Dittmar T.  2015.  Fate of the Amazon River dissolved organic matter in the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 29:677-690.
Medeiros PM, Seidel M, Powers LC, Dittmar T, Hansell DA, Miller WL.  2015.  Dissolved organic matter composition and photochemical transformations in the northern North Pacific Ocean. Geophysical Research Letters. 42:863-870.
Simoneit BRT, Oros DR, Medeiros PM.  2014.  Organic matter provenance and paleoenvironment in the Cretaceous on the Manihiki Plateau, South Pacific. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 409:48-56.
Landa M., Cottrell M.T, Kirchman D.L, Kaiser K., Medeiros P.M, Tremblay L., Batailler N., Caparros J., Catala P., Escoubeyrou K. et al..  2014.  Phylogenetic and structural response of heterotrophic bacteria to dissolved organic matter of different chemical composition in a continuous culture study. Environmental Microbiology. 16(6):1668-1681.
Satinsky B.M, Crump B.C, Smith C.B, Sharma S., Zielinski B.L, Doherty M., Meng J., Sun S., Medeiros P.M, Paul J.H et al..  2014.  Microspatial gene expression patterns in the Amazon River Plume. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 111(30):11085–11090.
Ward ND, Keil RG, Medeiros PM, Brito DC, Cunha AC, Dittmar T, Yager PL, Krusche AV, Richey JE.  2013.  Degradation of terrestrially derived macromolecules in the Amazon River. Nature Geoscience. 6(7):530-533.
Sikes EL, Medeiros PM, Augustinus P, Wilmshurst JM, Freeman KR.  2013.  Seasonal variations in aridity and temperature characterize changing climate during the last deglaciation in New Zealand. Quaternary Science Reviews. 74:245-256.
Medeiros PM, Sikes EL, Thomas B, Freeman KH.  2012.  Flow discharge influences on input and transport of particulate and sedimentary organic carbon along a small temperate river. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 77:317-334.