photo William L Bill Miller
286A Marine Sciences Bldg
Office Phone:  (706) 542-4299
Lab Association: 
280/281 Marine Sciences Bldg
Lab Phone: 
(706) 542-0809


Ph.D. 1990, Chemical Oceanography, University of Rhode Island

M.S. 1985, Marine Science, University of South Florida

B.A. (cum laude) 1979, Biology, Wake Forest University

Research Emphasis: 

Photochemical reactions and their effect on aquatic carbon cycles; reactive oxygen species (ROS), trace gases, and relation to optics and biological processes

Remote sensing for  global and regional estimates of photochemical processes and biogeochemical impact.

Fluxes of trace gases and their significance to global warming, biogeochemical feedbacks and climate change

Trace element and trace metal redox chemistry, processes controlling chemical distributions and biological utilization

Kinetic modeling of observed chemical disequilibria; integration of thermodynamic and kinetic models for natural waters


Courses Taught: 

William Miller's Selected Publications

Medeiros PM, Seidel M, Niggemann J, Spencer RGM, Hernes PJ, Yager PL, Miller WL, Dittmar T, Hansell DA.  2016.  A novel molecular approach for tracing terrigenous dissolved organic matter into the deep ocean. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 30:689-699.
Medeiros PM, Seidel M, Powers LC, Dittmar T, Hansell DA, Miller WL.  2015.  Dissolved organic matter composition and photochemical transformations in the northern North Pacific Ocean. Geophysical Research Letters. 42:863-870.