Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 9:52am

Tim is now in Port Lockroy, which is just around the corner from Palmer Station. According to Tim, "It used to be a whaling station.  It is now essentially a museum staffed by 4 women, 70.000+ visitors per year, mostly cruise ships (you have to queue up).  There was one there ship there when we visited.  The station was there before the (Gentoo) penguins moved in in the mid 60’s."

Not much else has been going on, but he sent us plenty of pictures this time! Please enjoy them below (along with Tim's captions).

view from kitchen window

fledgling Gentoo chicks

Dinner time!

A family discussion...

"You've been a very, very bad boy...!"

"That was hilarious!" (with tourists)

Reminder of the station's whaling history

One last gratuitous iceberg photo.  The white stuff on the water is either “grease ice” (sea ice in the earliest stages of forming) or snow that hasn’t melted because the water is -1.8 C.  There is some disagreement about which this among the cruise participants, but I think it is unmelted snow.  It snowed a LOT yesterday…