Tue, 07/07/2015 - 12:17pm
We will hold our annual graduate student recruitment event January 21-24, 2016 to which we invite a selection of our applicants. For more information on our program and on how to apply see the Prospective Graduate Students (/prospective-graduate-students) pages  
Wed, 10/02/2019 - 11:21am
A natural history story built around the coral-vermetid system.
Thu, 04/18/2019 - 10:27am
Detailed information on vegetation phenology in salt marshes is useful for understanding patterns in plant production and carbon sequestration. I used high-frequency PhenoCam imagery to characterize the phenophases of Spartina alterniflora, the dominant macrophyte in eastern U.S. salt marshes. These observations showed differences of > 1 month in the timing of spring green-up in plants located only meters apart. I found that green-up could be…
Mon, 03/04/2019 - 10:26am
Elasmobranchs typically occupy higher trophic levels in food webs and, consequently, have a propensity to accumulate high organochlorine contaminant (OC) concentrations. However, not all sharks accumulate the same types of contaminants or at the same rate, making use of OCs a potential ecological tool.  Bioaccumulation with respect to ontogeny was examined among three species of pelagic sharks (Shortfin Mako Isurus oxyrhincus, Common Thresher…