UGA has four main purchasing and payment options available for faculty and staff to use for purchasing/reimbursement purposes.

See below for a general overview of these purchasing and payment options.

Payment Requests

Some allowable items:

No dollar limit: payments for refunds*, travel, stipends, and registration fees (employee reimbursement is submitted through UGA Financials Travel & Expense Module - User Defaults need to be set up before submitting first reimbursement.)

$2,499.99 limit: non-employee payment (services rendered) and supplier payments involving services rendered (service payments include analysis and sequencing charges)

$9,999.99 limit: custom/freight charges and purchase of authorized page charges

*Personal reimbursements for supplies and expenses is limited to $499.99 per transaction. Other purchasing options, such as a purchase order, should be utilized for supplies and expenses over $500.

Submit supplier invoices to the departmental Administrative Specialist for payment processing.


Purchase Orders

Some allowable items:

$9,999.99 limit: supplies, materials, equipment and non-public works services

Over $10,000: supplies, materials, equipment and non-public works services ( three quotes or justification for procuring without three quotes is required)

Submit purchase request through the UGAmart system. Quotes can be obtained and submitted with purchase request.


Purchasing Card (P-card)

*Note that p-card usage is severely limited per updated USG and UGA policies and procedures. A two-step pre-approval is required before departmental p-card user can place order. Another purchasing option is strongly advised and should be used if available.*

$2,499 limit per transaction

Some unallowable items: 

Chemicals (exception - Compressed gases that do not demonstrate any additional hazard, such as toxicity, corrosivity, flammability, or oxidizing properties.)

Travel-related expenses (exception - conference/registration fees - with limitations) 

Inventoried Equipment

Maintenance/Service Agreements 

Contact the departmental Administrative Specialist for P-card purchasing.


Petty Cash

$499.99 limit per transaction

Some unallowable items: 

Items construed as equipment that has a unit value exceeding $99.99

Radioactive materials

Fees for conferences, seminars and registrations

See the departmental Administrative Specialist for petty cash payments for suppliers. Employee reimbursements are submitted through UGA Financials Travel & Expense Module.


Other purchasing options: Direct-billing is available throughout campus departments that offer services and/or supplies. Direct-bill information/invoices need to be routed through the Grants Coordinator or Senior Accountant.

iLab Solutions - UGA Department that offers direct billing for research supplies and chemicals

For inventoried items that need to be taken off campus, please submit an off-campus authorization through here.


Quick Links

Non-Employee Payment (US Citizens & Foreign Nationals)

Payments to Foreign Nationals - required documentation

Online Supplier Profile (US individuals or companies)

W-8BEN (non-US entities) - see W-8BEN instructions for more information

W-8BEN (non-US individuals) - see instructions for more information


Sole Source/Sole Brand

Entertainment Expenses (add Supplemental Form when needed)

Petty Cash Disbursement 

Travel Center

**Due to possible policy and procedure changes, information on this page can change at any time. 

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-Updated 2/26/2020